Artist Dewi Persik is a very good artist to make the controversy, the latest action picture Dewi Persik Aldi Taher intimate together with firing a kiss. Dewi Persik kiss practice exactly what he had in practice Dewi Persik the former husband Saiful Jamil. the scene took place when launching Dewi Persik Newest movie "Tusuk Kuntilanak" in Senayan Plaza, Jakarta.

After the show was Dewi Persik Letting Hot Kisses and lots of media colleagues also entertain Dewi Persik foster children themselves know with their own eyes when Dewi Persik does Kissing with Aldi Taher.

Known for Dewi tembang Bintang Pentas. Persik own name given by his manager, Mr. Yogi, that shines like the fruit of his career in China persikk regarded as the fruit of good luck. Soap operas ever starring among others Dewii maniss Mimpii and Legendaa eps. Nyi Ronggeng. Dewi career but not always smooth. Famous Dewi rocking start gergajinya criticized the actions of seronok stage, and minimal clothes and tight. The climax is when Dewi after filling a birthday event that was held in the TPI Istora, January 23, 2008. Dewi's breast suddenly touched by a man. At that time Dewi wearing a white tank top with a black strip. Before touching breasts Dewi, the man stole idle breast images with the camera phone goddess at this busy section pedangdut interviewed. Dewii breast incident that became public consumption is not the first place. In the year 2005, thanks to sway too 'hot' in a show SCTV, Dewi breasts protruding part. The incident lasted only a few seconds.

Year 2008 also be the year "ban" for Dewi. The first local government clutch performances in the region is Dewii Tangerang City Government. Ban was intended to avoid a social crisis and related to Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 8 Year 2005 on the prohibition of prostitution in the area.
Following Tangerang, Bandung Mayor also stated grabbed Dewi Persik and also artists rocking too much (invite lust). Then several other local governments to follow such as, Mayor of Depok, South Sumatra MUI,
Sukabumi Regent, Regent Probolinggo, and Mayor of Balikpapan.

Unfortunately, Dewi comments about it instead pencekalannya escalating atmosphere. Dewi consider these bans to curb his freedom and that is part of character assassination and slander against him. Even then delivered Dewii Persikk 'challenge' to sue the people who were on the table memfitnahnya law. Not only that, even throwing Dewii pitched sentence 'threat' to the mayor of Tangerang. Ban controversy that lasted for days on the media attention from Adhiyaksa Dault Affairs and Minister of Women Empowerment, Meuthia Hatta. Even Menpora Goddess was called to ask her introspection. Before long, Goddess plead guilty and make mistakes, although he still will not change the erotic sway.

Not only the appearance of the harvest stage Dewi controversy, movie premiere, Tali Pocong Virgin also considered too indulgence in private parts and leads to pornography. But Dewii argue that all the money ends.

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